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The Others

1h40 min   |  English   |  Satirical

Written by Frédéric Forestier 

A comedian at the end of his YouTube fame lands in a small town in New Mexico, discovers that the local population is split in two clans that have been stuck in a cold war for years, and triggers the stupidest confrontation in History.


Failed YouTuber, Randall Sack flees his loser life and relocates temporarily to Forsyth, New Mexico, to stand back from society and try to become a successful science fiction writer. He quickly realizes that this small town’s population is split in two communities that seem to hate each other. On one side, a bunch of trigger-happy rednecks locked in a wasted trailer park, on the other, some cheesy checked-shirted Stepford wives and Pleasantville nerds who seem stuck in the 50’s. 


Seeking only fortune and glory, Randall rapidly comes up with a farfetched assumption that will spark things off and trigger hostilities: somehow, he’s convinced that beings from another world slipped amongst the population of Forsyth, and the only way to spot them is through a terrestrial pop-quiz. Such a silly idea would have gone unnoticed if IQ had been equally distributed on this Earth. Unfortunately, it hasn’t, and a group of bumpkins from the trailer park takes Randall’s theory way too literally…

In Trump’s America, where the most backward supremacist dogmas are given free reign, the town of Forsyth will become the stage of the most surreal confrontation, between conspiracy theories, ‘X-Files’-style plot, full blown xenophobia, and Cohen brothers-ish twisted humor.

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