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Easter Island Syndrome

2h 15min   |   Language   |  Producer  Director 

A genius and a young independent journalist discover that the CEO of the world’s biggest investment fund was murdered by an artificial intelligence originally created to perform high frequency trading. The program gone self-sufficient made the fund’s board believe the boss is still alive, and started to spread its power across the world with one only goal: enslave humanity to make more money.


Jane, an English reporter and Tycho, a Kenyan autistic genius coveted by big corporations for his astounding mental skills, discover that one of the world’s leading investment fund is controlled by Zeus, an artificial intelligence software ready to kill, trigger wars or bring states to their knees in order to make more money.


Jane And Tycho rapidly end up hunted by insect-sized drones, their personal digital and administrative data deleted, tracked down by the ruthless software, they pursue a relentless quest for the truth while they literally become ghosts in a society that no longer recognizes their existence.

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