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1h 45min   |   French   |  Drama/Comedy

Written by Frédéric Forestier & Hector Cabello Reyes 

 After a car accident, Florence, 45 years old, decides to fake a mental disease, the “Frontal Syndrome”, that will allow her to settle accounts with her family, her job, her life, and – what the hell – all the assholes who cross her path. 

Florence, 45 years old, doesn’t have the life she dreamt about. A transparent husband. A teenage daughter who’d rather hang herself than bear a resemblance to her Mum. A job she hates but which she inherited from her parents: owner and manager of a supermarket in a provincial town. Forced to endorse despicable business methods and the hideous local machismo, Florence desperately imagines giving everything up and disappearing. 

One day, after a minor car accident, an MRI of her brain reveals a benign meningioma in Florence’s frontal lobe.  She is told by the doctor that she might or might not develop a “Frontal Syndrome”: a mental disorder in which the victim loses all inhibitions and moral sense, and starts acting under the control of their most primitive impulses. Florence then grabs this fantastic hand that fate has held out and starts faking the disease, breaking down all barriers, and freeing herself from her frustrations. In a provincial region where the “Time’s up” movement is mistaken for a board game, she’s going to make boomerangs fly in squadrons, and send them back in the face of all the primates who think they’re untouchable.  She’ll change her life drastically, using this amazing “heaven-sent” disease. Unless the disease has taken over, and she doesn’t know she isn’t faking it anymore…

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